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🇳🇴 Chef in a high class hotel restaurant (Norway)
Job in Norway
🇳🇴 Cook for long term work in Norway
Job in Norway
🇳🇴 Waiter/Waitress - Experienced Bartender
Job in Norway
🇳🇴 Night Receptionist in Norway
Job in Norway
🇳🇴 Housekeepers Norway (urgent)
Job in Norway
🇳🇴 Waiter(waitress) in a restaurant
Job in Norway
Job in Norway

How do you secure the position you want and feel you deserve?

Here is our advice

When you listen to someone singing or talking, and you don’t like the sound of them or what they are saying, you don’t listen. You switch off. 

The same thing can happen when potential recruiters view your CV and covering letter – and it can happen within 6 seconds.


6 seconds. Think about that. 

If you don’t retain their attention, how will they find out what you have to offer them?

Here is our advice:

Following on from your personal details, your CV should highlight your strengths and what you can offer your potential employer. Be concise – use bullet points, try to keep it to 6 (as in 6 seconds).

We recommend the following course of action:

  1. Use of E-mail: Ensure the title and name of the person you are addressing is correct, including spelling. 
  2. Ensure the spelling and grammar of all your correspondence is correct; CV, Resume and covering letter/email. It should flow coherently and logically and be specific to the position you are applying for.
  3. Use of Social-media: Ensure that you up-date your ‘professional’ online presence, such as LinkedIn. Align it with your CV. Again, ensure it is spellchecked, is coherent and logical, and in a professional tone of voice. Always be professional.
  4. When applying for a position: Ensure to be specific. Research the company and the position you want. Highlight what you can offer them and how you will improve their business. Use your voice and be heard as a professional.
  5. Always proofread your material before sending it. Ensure your contact details are accurate.

We wish you every success in securing the position you want.